In a web browser we can type CTRL+f to bring up find box, type in a word and if that word exists on the page it will be highlighted. The page will often scroll (jump) to the location of the selected word

Some times when I search for a word on a web page, I can't see what is highlighted in Chrome. For example if you visit


and press CTRL+f to bring up find and type in mu as a find, it shows 3 matches, but I can't see/find them on the page.

In this case, it could be there is a fault with the page/find etc or it could be the highlighting isn't clear! I'm looking for a plugin which when I cycled through each "found word", the highlighting was greatly exaggerated!

I have no opinion on how it should be exaggerated, but as an example a large arrow on the screen appears pointing to the highlighted word which then fades away within a second would make it obvious! This example of the arrow is not criteria, just an example of what I mean by exaggerated!!

  • On Firefox, I use Findbar Tweak – which has a nice way to achieve what you want (look for the circle here, which starts big and finally "crushes" on the search term). Not sure if something similar exists for Chrome, as I don't use Chrome.
    – Izzy
    Jul 25 '16 at 9:22
  • 1
    Thanks @Izzy, at least I can do some research though :) Jul 25 '16 at 10:52

After @Izzy kindly provided a Firefox alternative, which led me to a page which lead me to another page etc, I eventually found something


As you type, the paragraph in question pops up and the screen jumps to location. I would have rather it be a little bit more over the top, but at least I can see what I need to see!

It doesn't appear to work in PDF files which open in web pages!

enter image description here

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