When I install Mercurial on my Linux box (which might be Debian, or Fedora) I get a tool called hgk, which is invoked when running hg view, and displays the revision tree for a repository.

Unfortunately, though, you can't select any of the text in there; it looks like custom code which simply did not have that functionality implemented.

Is there a similar GUI revision tree viewer in which you can select text, and feels more like a KDE/Gnome/etc. tool?

It must be gratis and open source.

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You can always try TortoiseHg.

  • Gratis & Open Source
  • Available for Windows, Linux & OS-X
  • You can select text in most areas of the GUI
  • Full Hg GUI not just a tree view
  • Multiple Repositories open at once in tabs
  • Also show a diff of the selected file that is a member of the selected change set.
  • Explorer integration on Windows
  • Gnome/Nautilus extension
  • Invoked as thg

Example running on Windows enter image description here

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