Divvy is a window management software for Mac, but I'm currently looking for a free alternative, as I do not want to pay for Divvy.

Is there a free alternative to Divvy for Mac?


Here ya go: Divvy Alternatives for Mac OS X - AlterniveTo.net

First program in the list is not only free, but also open source. ShiftIt - Managing window size and position in OSX.

User guide

ShiftIt installs itself in the menu bar (optionally it can be completely hidden). It provides a set of actions that manipulates windows positions and sizes. Following is an example of list of actions available:

Screenshot Menu

Another option is this: Spectacle - Move and resize windows with ease. Also free and open source. Source code here: eczarny/spectacle · GitHub

Possible layouts

  • btw, you won't get the big features that Divvy has in free software. Besides, I haven't used mentioned software myself, so I don't know how far you can customize the tools. – nidunc Apr 22 '14 at 20:51

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