I have a project consisting of ~25 source files, spread across three directories (all .java, if that matters). I have a problem with inconsistent indentation, however. Both tabs and spaces are used throughout the project, sometimes even in the same file. I'm looking for a tool that will either replace all spaces with tabs, or vise-versa.


  • gratis
  • Ability to choose between tabs and spaces (I'm fine with using more than one tool
  • Works with either Windows 10 or GNU/Linux
  • Works with more than one file/directory at a time
  • Works somewhat reliably (I don't want to have to end up going through all my code reformatting it to look "pretty")
  • Works with Java code (preferably works on any/most source code)

Preferably open source, but not required.

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IntelliJ or Eclipse

Both are free and you can do that.

By the way you should use an IDE if you develop in Java ;-)


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