I frequently need a tool to calculate how many days from a date to another, for example from 27 April 2016 to 18 July 2016.

Are there tools for Windows or for OS X?

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On OS-X you already have python installed and on windows it is easily installed so you can simply do it on the command line, from your example:

>python -c"import datetime as dt;d=dt.date(2016,7,18) - dt.date(2016,4,27);print d.days"

You can even get time involved, e.g.:

>python -c"import datetime as dt;d=dt.datetime(2016,7,18,16,30) - dt.datetime(2016,4,27,20,43);print d"
81 days, 19:47:00

If you are using python 3 you need to make the prints functions. Obviously you can put things into python scripts for more power and flexibility.

See the online manuals for more details.


http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html has a nice UI, friendly and useful but it requires internet connectivity..

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