I am looking for a time tracking application which is used primarily for personal interest, not billing, so 100% accuracy is not as important.

The features I would like:

  • List of projects
  • "Quick add" buttons for time
    • Ideally able to "undo" or edit somehow?
  • Summaries of daily/weekly/monthly totals
    • Ideally with access to historical data

It can be either a webapp or standalone app. Otherwise, that's pretty much it. I am not as concerned with everything adding to X hours a day/week. IE if I hit "add 30 min" or something 100x a day I'm fine if it shows 50 hours/day.

An interface something like this would be perfect:

enter image description here

The key is simplicity in adding time to a project. Bonus points if it works natively with Pomodoro timeboxing.

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Take a look at Fanurio:

  • Although it can also be used for billing, you can disable the billing module to track time for personal activities.
  • You can manage a list of projects and set a due date for each project.
  • You add and edit the time you record on each project.
  • It has time reports that allow you to analyze historical data.
  • It doesn't have a Pomodoro module.

I'm using Toggl since 2011 and I'm quite happy with it - and it's free.

You can obtain infos by project / labels, by specific ranges of time... and has team functionalities + billing (on the paid version, just in case you change your mind).


I use MoneyPenny.me and can recommend it to you https://moneypenny.me/en/tour-the-app/time-tracking

You can log worked hours on different projects or use time tracker. Then in report section you choose time range, projects clients etc for clear summary https://moneypenny.me/en/tour-the-app/reports

  • This looks like most of the many "standard" tracking apps out there that don't have simple functionality that I am looking for.
    – enderland
    Jul 25, 2016 at 12:43

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