On Windows, to view log files, I use BareTailPro. It's feature rich and I like the fact it provides:

  • real-time update
  • filtering
  • coloring
  • multiple files open in tabs
  • indications of which tabs have been updated

I am looking for an OSX alternative that has these features.

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Another alternative i just found is lnav from lnav.org. Source is available on Github.

lnav is a highly configurable log viewer packed with features. I has coloring, filtering, advanced querying, real-time updating and much more. It runs in a command window, unlike lograpp which makes it easy, fast and very comfortable to use. For me, at least, i work more on the command line than in a GUI.


Well, let me answer my own question. I just found https://lograpp.wordpress.com/ and it looks like an almost exact copy of Baretail. Last update was from 2013, but it's still good enough for what i am looking for. The only thing missing is the grep function. I contacted the author to see if he is willing to get this into the program.


OS X is Unix. Logs should be plain text, you can use tail -f /path/to/log to "watch" it, and you can grep that output as well. I think the OS X version of grep has support for the --color option, if not you can install the GNU version via homebrew. The terminal.app in OS X supports tabs, and I believe it also indicates something on the tab for new output if that tab doesn't have focus.


Try out Wireshark. I have not really used this kind of software very much so I'm not sure how similar it is to BareTail.

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    No, they are two completely different type of software. Wireshark is a packet analyser where baretail is a log viewer. Commented Apr 13, 2017 at 15:43

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