I would like a program that you can enter commands into and then name them. It now gives you buttons that you can click that run the commands again.

  • I guess you are using bash at the moment? You can find that out with echo $0. – Martin Thoma Apr 22 '14 at 6:54
  • Do you want to see the output of each command? And also do you want to see whether each command failed or succeeded? – Nicolas Raoul Apr 23 '14 at 5:29
  • Yes I would like to see that. – user194099 Apr 25 '14 at 17:09

What you are searching for is called alias.

For example when you want the command colorlist to be the command ls --color=always you have to edit ~/.profile and add

alias colorlist='ls --color=always'

Running commands again

When you want to run commands again, you can press the arrow up button. That will show you the last command you have entered.

With Ctrl + R you can search your command history:

~$ git push           
bck-i-search: git

Some more hints

I really recommend using zsh with the Oh-My-ZSH plugin. It gives you fuzzy command / path auto completion.

  • I would like it to have a GUI. – user194099 Apr 25 '14 at 17:10

edit a text file in emacs , one command by one line , possibly with comment lines for reminder .

# run every morning
# last result : rainy

# run every friday afternoon
# last result : 0.7 yuan per kilogramme

select the command and M-| RET "Meta-Pipe" (M-x shell-command-on-region RET) to launch the command . output will show in minibuffer or a dedicated "command output" buffer depending on length . there is also another option , yank the command into an empty line and use the C-u M-| RET variant , the selection will be replaced by command output .

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