I am looking for a version control software that I can run using a server-client model to do version control for my personal files.

I have considered using subversion, but I have read that this is not a good choice for non-code files as it would be keeping a full version of each revision of the file.

Extra Functionality Requested:

  • Ability to delete old versions of files when I run out of HHD space on the server.
  • Ability to have multiple repos with different permissions
  • Command line interface for automatic commits/syncs
  • Usage on both windows and linux

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I would suggest taking a look at mercurial with the zipdoc extension.

Mercurial is a distributed version control system, like git but more user friendly, that is free, gratis & open source and cross platform. It has a command line interface, hg, by default and a GUI, tortoise-hg.

The zipdoc extension version controls the contents of zip format files such as .docx, etc., and handles the zip/unzip process automatically for you so if you check in a docx file it actually stores the component structure and when you check it out builds a fresh docx from it.

Mercurial also handles binary and large files well and has a Large Files extension for very big files.

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