Owning several popular Android apps, researchers often ask me for my statistics, which I am happy to provide since they contain no confidential information. Problem: It takes half an hour every time to export the data manually and upload it to DataHub.

So, I am looking for a solution to make this automatic or at least faster.

  • Free for me
  • Free for people who want to download the data, no registration required
  • The destination for the files can be anywhere, but open-minded platforms like DataHub or GitHub preferred. Obviously, a specially-crafted platform that allows visitors to explore the statistics online before downloading would be the best, but I guess it is too much to ask for :-)

Download Google Play statistics

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Far from perfect, but I just wrote a script that downloads your statistics from command line:



  • Not automatic. You have to manually click an OAuth authorization.
  • After download you still have to upload the files to Github or FTP using another command line.

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