I run a multiplayer gaming network that deals with the backend stuff such as server listings and accounts, and I am moving it from Amazon Web Services to a dedicated server running VMs.

I never took interest in the cloud security software that Amazon Web Services offers but now that I will self-host the virtual machines, I need to install security software that:

  • Is licenced per-user and not per computer (so I can have the host and VMs under a single licence);
  • Can monitor network activity (log connections, usage, etc);
  • Can be managed from one machine (the host);
  • Not too expensive
  • Must run on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacentre
  • No need for Android or protection for other devices either (I don't want to pay for something I won't use)

Optional extras that would be nice:

  • Web control panel (that I can access from another machine via VPN to the host)
  • Email/SMS notifications when suspicous activity is detected
  • The ability to add a number of computers to the licence as required

This question is similar to Antivirus software for a small business, but I want software that focusses on network security rather than antivirus. I also need it to run on Windows Server, which most antivirus programs refuse to do (as they want Windows Server users to purchase business licences, understandably).

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