I wish to use Survey Monkey's Advanced Branching Logic along with their Survey Monkey Audience.

Unfortunately I need to pay for a year of Advanced Branching Logic by signing up for a Platinum plan, rather than being able to pay for the Platinum plan monthly.

I've asked Survey Monkey and they will not offer the Platinum plan on a monthly contract.

What I need:

I need a survey tool that:

  1. Offers conditional logic, i.e, being able to show or hide questions based on answers to previous questions
  2. Offers paid survey completions, i.e, I pay $X per survey completion, and I can choose what type of audience to take the survey, e.g, small business owners.


Google Consumer Surveys allows you to choose your audience, but does not offer conditional logic.

Help appreciated.

Regards, Steve.


SmartSurvey.co.uk offers skip logic on their pro plan.

This lets me set up the equivalent of Gravity Forms conditional loading of questions.

Smart Survey also allow you to buy responses through their consumer panels.

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