I am looking for a Mac app to convert/publish my Markdown text simply into the cloud. Something like this online tool: http://markdowntoweb.com But I would rather use a native macOS app, preferabely with more functinality, like preview, edit, etc.

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One popular option is Jekyll:

  • cross platform
  • open-source and free
  • CLI

A very nice alternative to Jekyll is the python Hyde static website generator.

  • Cross Platform
  • Free, Gratis & Open-Source
  • CLI
  • Support for powerful template languages like Jinja2 complemented with custom tags and filters
  • Simple installation: sudo pip install -U hyde
  • Create a site template: hyde -s /path/to/your/site create
  • Generate your site:

    cd /path/to/your/site

    hyde gen

  • Instant preview in your browser using built-in webserver that regenerates content if needed:

    cd /path/to/your/site

    hyde serve

The demo above produces a "Basic" layout which looks like: enter image description here

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