I have people that want to send me files ranging from 500MB to 3GB in size. I want a simple server I can setup behind nginx such that they can have a simple file upload interface.


  • Simple file upload form
  • Ability to run through nginx as reverse-proxy (ability to set a custom listen port is fine)
  • Ability to recieve files up to 4GB in size
  • Runs on Ubuntu Linux
  • Open-source

Would be nice:

  • Progress bar on upload form
  • Estimated time remaining to complete upload
  • Password-protected (if not I can do it in nginx config)
  • Limits on total space used and per-file limit
  • Stores files on Amazon S3
  • Uses Ruby on Rails

Similar to Upload and store large files but I don't care what language it's in.

I did find simple-recieve however it seems updates to packages it depends on have broken it and I don't know enough about Node.js to fix it. Project seems to be abandoned.

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Well I had similar requirements. Ended up using Wordpress with the file upload plugin. It was simple and quick to set up.


searching for http upload server on github i found

more general:


While a bit bloated if the only thing you want is uploads, I eventually used Nextcloud for this; You can do this in nextcloud by creating a folder and setting up a share link for that folder with the permissions set to "Upload only" or "Edit".

Zooming out a bit and not technically answering the question, sending files can also be accomplished with Web Wormhole. It uses WebTorrents to establish a P2P connection, which means both "ends" have to be present (the other side must send you the file while you have the webpage open) but you don't need to pay a third party for bandwidth or temporary storage (be it with ads&tracking or a monthly fee).

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