I often receive table data in PDF files. I want to be able to get that into MS Excel in a tabular format but it often comes out strangely when I copy-paste.

I want to be able to get tables out of PDF and into MS Excel while maintaining their structure.

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Use pdftables.com.

Sample input:

sample input




ABLE2EXTRACT PDF CONVERTER does this brilliantly well. You can check demo video on their page. The thing I love about this software is (and I think its unique to this product alone):

  1. You can just select an area from a page (a table in our case) on PDF and ask it to convert.
  2. While converting it gives us two options: Automatic or Manual (I just love this). We can guide the software in recognizing proper columns and rows of the table.
  3. After conversion it takes care of Number formatting too.

They have a free online converter too for casual users. Here is a sample:

In a PDF page: enter image description here

After Automatic conversion: enter image description here


You might be interested in PDFGenie.

This blog post goes over the product in more detail.

Sample input and output are in the download.

The output is XHTML, so you would have to do some post processing to get something you could pass to Excel.


Try using Foxit PhantomPDF. Be careful though, if the PDF contain text outside the table, it will be aligned to the left.

Here is the output

enter image description here

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