I am looking for software to assist me in the process of converting CSV files into insert statements for MySQL. The software would ideally have the following characteristics:

  1. Be able to convert a large amount of CSV files at a time. I have ~2000 total and although they do not need to all be done at once I also do not wish to do them all one at a time.
  2. By basic SQL syntax I need to make it so that each insert statements begins with INSERT INTO Table "column1, column2...columnN" VALUE "value1, value2...valueN". However the CSV files contain the column headers in the first row and the rest of the data in subsequent rows. It must use the first row for the INSERT INTO statement that can be inserted before each row of VALUE statements below.

there's sqlizer.io which is a web-based tool that does exactly as you're describing. Check it out (it's free for up to 5000 rows I believe).

sqlizer.io csv to mysql statement

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