• Display list of reviewers – experts
  • Ratings and review visible to all
  • Users should be able to write their reviews or comment with rating on top of expert reviews
  • The over all rating based on user reviews
  • Can give loyalty points to each user based on reviews done
  • Admin panel to approve of the reviews and comments before publishing
  • Reporting button for offensive content
  • Business can update with offers and new products as and when required
  • User should be able to create and maintain their profiles with photo gallery
  • Should connect with facebook or twitter
  • Notification or email to users on update or comments on their reviews or when someone reviews their favourite product or place
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    You want to self-host a web app that does this, correct? Any server-side restrictions re. technology (PHP, Java, …)? – unor Jun 27 '16 at 12:26

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