I am looking for a good software to create meal plans and analyze their nutritional data. Here are the features I am looking for:

  • Manage multiple diet plans
  • A diet plan typically covers a couple of weeks
  • Each day you have subitems: Meal1 (breakfast), Meal2 (snack), Meal3(lunch) etc.
  • You should be able to add custom food with macro and micronutrients
  • It should calculate for a given range (one meal, one day, some days, whole plan) a statistics of the nutritional data, total calories, micro and macro nutrients (average per day if you select multiple days)
  • You should be able to create recipes out of some ingredients and include a certain amount of a recipe and other raw foods into a meal of a day.
  • It should be free software
  • It should run on linux (or also acceptable but not optimal: on windows or a web app).

Other features which would be great do have but are not necessary for me are:

  • The ability to add pictures to recipes
  • Have access to a nutrition database
  • Since I am from germany, it would be even better if the database would be a german one
  • A good printing support for the plans (maybe even a LaTeX export)
  • Organize foods and recipes using tags or groups
  • Make copies of plans/meals/recipes

All nutrition software I found so far is about tracking what you actually eat but not making plans. So tracking is not what I want but making plans.

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