I am looking for a Microsoft Windows program or user script that can place the filepath of a file in the clipboard with a shortcut when the file is selected in Windows explorer.

Any price or license is fine.

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At customer sites (where I'm "forced" to use Windows), I use StExBar for things like that:

  • integrates with Explorer as toolbar
  • offers buttons to copy the file name or its path to your clipboard (alternatively: Ctrl-Shift-C as hotkey for this)
  • similar for a "command window here" (Ctrl-M), running a command directly in the current directory ("command box") or creating a new directory (which I've mapped to F7 – yeah, the good old Norton-Commander shortcut ;)
  • several more features you didn't ask for (but still not too heavy)

Screenshot of the StExBar (top-line toolbar)

Price and license match your requirements as well ☺


I believe you shouldn't be looking for a clipboard manager that does this but a 3rd party program that does. I don't know if there will be just a 3rd party program that solely does this though. For example, I know that Directory Opus, a Windows file explorer alternative does this as one of its hundreds of functions.

I Suggest AutoHotkey. Personally, if I wanted to do what you want, it would take me about 15-30 minutes to write a script to do it. I'd have to look at other scripts to remember the functions I would need and then quickly write a simple program. So, if you like to tweak your computer in little ways such as creating:

  1. hotkeys that will open any programs or websites,
  2. hotkeys that will look up synonyms and google-search selections
  3. toggle the hiding/showing of extensions or hidden files
  4. scroll pages by pressing shifting plus the mouse wheel
  5. and a hundred more simple things.

You can look into learning AutoHotkey. I have been using it for about 4 months so far and I create simple scripts to do little things and it requires minimal resource usage.

AutoHotkey Review. I'm going to give you a completely objective review of AutoHotkey. It will appear really easy to learn and many will insist it is. But, it'll take you much longer than you think. Most things usually do, no? Don't just think you can't learn it in a week. It takes weeks and months to get a handle on it. You'll keep forgetting how to do this and that.

  • Thanks, yes I was looking for a ready-to-use script :-) good to know that Directory Opus has this feature! Commented May 25, 2020 at 20:05

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