I am looking for a Microsoft Windows program or user script that can place the filepath of a file in the clipboard with a shortcut when the file is selected in Windows explorer.

Any price or license is fine.


At customer sites (where I'm "forced" to use Windows), I use StExBar for things like that:

  • integrates with Explorer as toolbar
  • offers buttons to copy the file name or its path to your clipboard (alternatively: Ctrl-Shift-C as hotkey for this)
  • similar for a "command window here" (Ctrl-M), running a command directly in the current directory ("command box") or creating a new directory (which I've mapped to F7 – yeah, the good old Norton-Commander shortcut ;)
  • several more features you didn't ask for (but still not too heavy)

Screenshot of the StExBar (top-line toolbar)

Price and license match your requirements as well ☺

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