Is there any Java or Javascript library that deals with email/phone numbers detection within text? I'm not talking about validating them, just want to find something that could potentially look like an email address of a phone number.

We're trying to prevent users to send this kind of information through our platform.

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Just use regular expressions.

For an email address just use the regular expression for at least one letter or number followed by @ followed by at least one letter or number a dot and at least one more letter, so: [email protected] could possibly be an email address as could [email protected] ect. a possible re would be \w+@\w\.\w

Telephone numbers would be, depending on whether you are looking for long distance numbers only, something like \d{2}[ -]*\d{3}[ -]*\d{3,} but you might be better off locating potential phone numbers with a regex then using the google libphonenumber java/JS library which is a much more sophisticated library for checking and validating phone numbers and allows you to check if something is a possible phone number and if it is a valid phone number.

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    As TLDs do have at least 2 chars, and 2nd level domains usually as well, one could improve the related regex to [w\.]+@(\w{2,}\.)+\w{2,} (to also take into account multilevel domains like abc.xyz.com). Phone numbers are a bit more tricky: from using formatting like +1-123-55555-321 via +1 (0123) 55555 321 to just 012355555321, everything could be a phone number. As one cannot filter all [0-9\+\-]*, this would require a more sophisticated filter – which some library might already cover (so better use that than to re-invent the wheel).
    – Izzy
    Jun 23, 2016 at 13:03

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