I require a free (as in beer) program or service for accessing and controlling a Xen Hypervisor running on Debian Jessie.

  • Support Xen DomU (the Free Open Source Software hypervisor, NOT the full-blown XenServer)
  • Work in the Local Area Network
  • Free (as in beer)
  • GUI interface

It can be web-based, or run on my Windows workstation completely. I already have access to the xl tools via PuTTY, but I'd like a graphical representation of what I'm looking at.

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I found that Cockpit can do what I want:

  • Supports Xen, Virtualbox and even KVM
  • Works in the LAN by default, but can be opened up to other users/networks
  • Free
  • Runs as a GUI in a web browser.

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