I want to convert images / movies of real objects and scenes into virtual 3d objects. Any free or demo-able end user apps exist?

Linux or Windows.

As input, it should take multiple images. Videos are simply a collection of multiple images even if I have to extract the images with a third utility. So images are a must and videos a plus.

The output should be a 3d model or scene in any commonly used 3d editor format.

For extra bonus points, it should allow the scene to be non-static letting me watch my favorite movie from any angle even if, from the opposite view of the camera I only see untextured polygons.


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This is quite a workflow but all free software, I think that just about all of it is available as a default in ArcheOS:

  1. Process the images to detect the points into a cloud - Python Photogrammetry Toolbox and GUI. (Available for Linux or Windows - some Windows installation instructions here) or VSFM.
  2. Use MeshLab to get rid of spurious points and generate the meshes - (Available for Linux or Windows)
  3. Load into Blender to generate a 3D model (Available for Linux or Windows)
  4. Apply textures, including potentially video textures.
  5. Position your camera, lights, etc. and potentially apply motion paths to anything in the model
  6. Render in Blender to get a fly/walk/crawl through or use the game engine to allow you to navigate at will, depending on the complexity, detail and length go on a nice long holiday while the render takes place.

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