Is there a program that helps create a map of the code. It doesn't have to as indepth as a flowchart, but more like what functions are being called within a class etc.

I'm not looking to create diagrams, but more of an interactive, where I can click a function and see where it's being used.

To be specific, I'm working on a reactJS project and would like to map out where each component is being called.

I would love for the program to go through my code and create this map automatically. But if not, I'm okay with doing it manually. As in entering it manually.

  • I've added the JavaScript tag, since there might be tools (e.g. for C#) that would not help you. If the tag does not fit, please add your programming languages instead. Sep 15, 2016 at 19:51

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The classic for this is Doxygen + Graphviz - it can produce documentation including class diagrams, caller maps and calling maps for you code, in addition to a lot of other documentation, complete with links between pages, etc.

It is:

  • Free, gratis
  • Cross Platform
  • Supports multiple programming languages, PHP, C/C++/C#, Java, FORTRAN, VHDL
  • Can output pages to HTML, LaTeX, RTF, Man, XML & Docbook formats
  • Has lots of diagramming options

Just be sure to select EXTRACT_ALL to include functions, classes & methods that do not have the special doxygen format comments to document them.

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