All online meeting planners I could find have only one start/end.
What I want instead:

Meeting planner with several slots


  • Each person can enter their available slots, they are shown as seen above.
  • Each person sees days/hours in their own timezone.
  • Available gratis as an online service
  • No need to provide anyone's email or other information, only the slots
  • At least 2 attendees, bonus for support for more


  • Doodle shows timeslots as a list, not in a days+hours view like above, not intuitive.
  • agreeadate.com requires your email address
  • TimeBridge requires Google authentication and wants to "Know the list of people in your circles"

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NeedToMeet is the closest webapp I have found so far, even though it is not perfect:

  1. On the homepage, click "Schedule a meeting"
  2. Enter any meeting name, "1" is OK
  3. Click "Select times"
  4. Fill with the mouse:

NeedToMeet select times

  1. Click "Invite attendees"
  2. Click "Copy link"
  3. Send that link to the other attendee
  4. When the other attendee opens the link, the default view is very user-unfriendly, so the attendee must click "Select via calendar" to get a view similar to the screenshot above.
  5. The attendees can fill their own slots within the slots of the first person.

Gratis. It correctly detects and applies your timezone.


  • Two attendees maximum
  • Sometimes user-unfriendly, see step 8 above

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