Is there an open source application that automates GUI operations? I'd like to automate GUI applications that are not web-based. I want the application to possibly recognize screenshots and locations. But I'd settle for an application that issues tab and enter key in succession. I want an application to automate operations of diverse Windows applications including RDP sessions to other servers.


SikuliX has a motto of "Automate Anything You See" - it is a Java based testing framework that uses Image Processing to search the screen for specific elements and perform actions on them driven by python/ruby/JavaScript scripting.

  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Linux, OS-X & Windows
  • Comes with its own IDE
  • Works even with problems like windows, buttons, etc, not being in a consistent position - as long as they look the same they can be identified.
  • Does not need to know resource IDs, etc.
  • Can issue:
    • Click
    • Double Click
    • Delays
    • Type keyboard input, etc.
  • conditional actions e.g. if this icon is found click it, etc.

There are dozens, here are a few:

  • AutoIt & AutoHotKey are the grandparents of the type
  • If Python is your poison, how about pywinauto
  • There are many more, starting with those, you will surely find the others
  • This list may give you more clues

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