Which software/environment could I use to run this project? It's a pretty old one, from 2007 I think. It contains .cs and .resx files.


  • Free
  • As easy as possible to just compile the project

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Visual Studio 2015 is what you need. Microsoft provides a free community version.

Visual Studio 2015

  • Probably any version released after 2007, but 2015 would probably be the best bet and easiest to obtain.
    – Snoop
    Nov 16, 2016 at 13:02

In addition to Visual Studio you could give the Mono Project & the monodevelop IDR a try.


CRM Services App project on Windows 10 enter image description here The following is an example of an Android targeted sample screenshot on Windows 10. enter image description here An iOS app screenshot from the web site enter image description here


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