Ok, kind of a detailed question.

I use the google news archive a lot and I printscreen and paste what I want to save and I usually have to merge two or three parts together to get the complete object. This is pretty time consuming, so does anyone know of an extension or program which works with the news archive and would let me select the complete image/article I want at one time and automatically save it?

I have tried a couple things including Fireshot 1.12.8, Abduction 3.5, Nimbus and Pearl Crescent Page Saver. All these work great on most sites but they aren't that useful when using them on the news archive. The problem is the archive is displayed within a frame screen/window and doesn't have a scroll bar, so when I use these programs they don't allow me to scroll further down to capture the entire image I want. Even though most of them have a scroll option included, that doesn't work here.

This is what the news archive looks like if you never used it before


Here's an example of my problem, using Nimbus on Chrome http://imgur.com/a/Mdkqr

First screenshot In this screen, I will try to save what is in the blue square and I will first zoom in so that I get the most detail.

Second screenshot So I am zoomed in and I select as much as I can of the top part. I try to scroll down using the mouse but it doesn't let me. I also try pulling the resize boxes down and they don't go any further.

Third screenshot Now here I manually scroll down using the arrow keys and you see the problem. I am able to see the bottom part of the image. BUT the selection box I made also comes down, and this is why I can only save the visible part of what is on my screen.

Any suggestions?

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    It seems Google News uses a crafty way for displaying (old) newspapers: it puts a lot of pictures of a certain size next to each other to make it look like a big picture. Because of that you can't extract them with tools like Firebug (Net --> Images) or DownThemAll, unless you're prepared to do a lot of handiwork... (I know, because I tried it myself) I thought I had found a way to download the whole picture with Firebux, but it ended up all blurry and unreadable... – nidunc Apr 19 '14 at 19:19

An old question, but still relevant in 2019. The only success I've had is to configure my monitor with the image rotated 90-degrees. This allows me to expand the height of the browser page and get a screen shot of the entire article. Still clunky, but saves on the multiple image pasting.

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