The Rhapsody IDE is very poor compared to MSVC, which itself is nowhere near as good as Qt Creator IDE.

Are there any options to use a different IDE for Rhapsody? Or can you integrate Rhapsody (via plugins?) to other IDEs?


The IDE should have:

  • Good code completion functionality
  • Refactoring options
  • Integration with SVN/Git
  • Good/in depth sym-links for code navigation
  • MUST: integrate somehow with Rhapsody

For Windows. Support for Linux would be nice to have, too, but to be honest I doubt that is possible.


Rhapsody can run as plug-in inside Eclipse.

Eclipse alone obviously implements the listed requirements in the question.

The plug-in gives you a "Modelling" perspective that behaves similar to the stand-alone Rhapsody. SVN integration is a bit tricky, because it needs an additional "unit view" to select what to lock/commit. I did not try GIT.

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