Python supports a lot of archive formats. I personally know of tar (which supports gzip and bz2), zlib, rar, zip, lzma and 7z.

I find it a bit tedious and error-prone to do auto-detection of these formats by hand, than select the right package and deal with its respective API which is always slightly different from the others'.

Is there a unified API package that works with all these formats? It should need a minimum of additional packages to be installed and should be able to read archived file from the stream (without the need for real temporary files). I've seen pyunpack. The problem I see with it is that it only unpacks and relies on external, non-Python tools. Is there a good alternative?


Not quite the answer you are looking for but worth mentioning I think.

The python File System library can open a number of different file systems with a unified interface and includes an Opener, fs.opener(), which takes a URI like specifier. This should open the file system appropriately if it is any of the supported types. Current file system types include, with some platform dependency:

  • MemoryFS
  • OS
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • S3
  • Zip

This library is extensible for other file systems e.g.: there a couple of Dropbox integrations, dropboxfs & fs-dropbox available, and others so it might be worth looking at seeing if anybody else is interested in extending this to add the missing ones once and for all.

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