I am looking for an easiest way to create schemas of public transport like this one:

Public transport of London

Ideal way how would I'd like to create a schema:

  • Put stations/stops on target point (ideally some grid-like system, so they are all in same distance or multiples of that distance)
  • Connect stops with coloured lines (marking all lines going between these stops)
  • Add text as name of stop
  • Add text marking end of an line
  • All stuff related to one line is in same colour

Nice-to-have features:

  • Hovering over one line or number highlights whole line
  • Zoomable / scrollable (similar to Google Maps)
  • file can be saved in a format i can open and edit later in same software

Of course I could create it in Windows paint or something similar, but that would be very painful.

Oh, and also:

  • Price - ideally free
  • platform - Windows or Linux

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It might look a bit odd, but what about circuit diagram type software? That would fulfill most of the requirements you mentioned. How about TinyCAD? https://sourceforge.net/projects/tinycad/


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