I'm looking for a open source personal journal

At this moment I'm using Nikola with kramdown. But what I'm searching for should have:

  • Static generator.
  • Built-in web server.
  • Nice editor. I have no problem to start to write my post with vim, but then, once the post is published, it could be great a web editor, for example, to tick a task done. It would be great if I can edit and save the changes of an existing post.
  • Support either GFM markdown, kramdown or multi-markdown.

And it should be open source.

I've used rednotebook, but it's a desktop app. And I'd want to use in the browser and only if I need it to deploy sometime in an external web server.

  • You have a server to host it? Or you want a hosted (yet open source) solution?
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Jul 4, 2016 at 4:57

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Notebook http://www.joelotter.com/kajero/

  • editor
  • notebook-like format

Book like https://www.gitbook.com/

  • can be used to publish book

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