I am looking for a free site on which I can create a blog or articles by my own (like WordPress or Tumblr), but on which it is easy to create a page with mixed content, like text, code and images. I am looking for a free site on which I can:

  • Create single sites and sub-sites
  • On each page I can insert text (with some syntax highlighting), images, code snippets...
  • On which visitors can give a feedback

I want to be able to create a page like this one (the middle column).

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    The site you link to says in its faq it is based on wordpress. Why dont you want to use wordpress.com?
    – meuh
    Commented Jun 6, 2016 at 5:19

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gh-pages link

If you want total control, i.e. the html file served then use gh-pages. These are ideal for projects, blogs and pure html. For this you might need a understanding of git etc.

everything you make with gh-pages is available for every one. Your source code will be on the repo. Also, gh-pages is not ideal for dynamic pages. Only static html.

I have created a little bit of pages using it, you vcan visit them here :

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