I found so many selenium wrappers for python... It's very hard to choose...

But I know what I want - something like Selenide or Capybara. Are there any alternatives in Python world?

The following "features" are needed:

  • jQuery-style selectors, e.g.: showPasswordChkbox = $(".show-pasword")
  • should style asserts: showPasswordChkbox.shouldBe(checked)
  • Ajax support: each "should" always waits for its Condition to happen (with aibility to set timeout directly if needed), e.g.: showPasswordChkbox.waitUntil(checked, 5000)
  • straightforward and easy way to implement own conditions that can be used in shoulds
  • Autostart browser
  • clear error messages: what element was looking, of what selector, why fail? actual value?
  • screenshots per each failed "should" with link to screenshot in produced error message
  • [desired] screenshots per each should with ability to set context and then get all "screenshots per context"

Elementium has a lot of what you are looking for:


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  • Big thanks. Finally found it by myself too. This is exactly what I was asking for:) – yashaka Mar 4 '15 at 18:26

Splinter provides a high-level API to automate browser interaction.

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I have started porting selenide to python: https://github.com/yashaka/selene

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