Could you recommend a Windows tool which can show custom notifications in corner of the screen (or at its edge) which I can control through the command line or through API?

So I'm seeking my own way to create kind of notification bubbles with custom information popping from corner of the screen.

I have tested growl so far but it haswas 2-3 years ago and that time I experienced in some of its features poor performance on Windows. It also had serious problems with control via COM/API.

Optional but welcome features include:

  • message queue (handles more messages in queue)
  • custom skin
  • custom icon/image
  • COM or other API interface
  • What OS(es)? do you need support for. I would have suggested Snarl for Windows which is one of the Growl ports Commented Apr 16, 2014 at 20:24
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  • Sure will do - didn't post as an answer because of your comment about Growl. Commented Apr 17, 2014 at 17:24
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I've personally been using Snarl lately. I've predominantly been just using built and I haven't done any low level custom notifications so far; I have done custom notifications through the Grunt-Nofity plugin for Grunt.

Responsiveness and appearances I've quite liked although I did disable a lot of the built in updates - because at least on a laptop which I power off regularly being notified that I had disconnected/reconnected to each network is yucky (especially when you are using mutliple Virtual Machine sessions with their own fake network adapter). However enabling/disabling them was quite easy so that is not a significant downside to my mind - sure I'd like to have a tinsy bit saner of automatic setup but it isn't a problem really.

It has quite a bit of easily setup/built in notifiers/supported apps.

In regards to your extras:

  • message queue (handles more messages in queue): hmmmm... not sure exactly what you mean but it can handle many messages at the same time if that is what you are thinking.
  • custom skin: I think so; but you may only be able to do global styling rather than individual notification specific styling. Information about styling and the available styles would probably be a good starting point for developing your own style(s).
  • custom icon/image: Recommended.
  • COM or other API interface: Yes; in fact it has both an activeX/COM library, a whole slew of different language specific libraries and if that wasn't enough you can also send JSON formatted notifications from within browsers or use GNTP.

enter image description here

This is the usage of notifu:

enter image description here


Here ya go: http://alternativeto.net/software/growl-for-windows/?platform=windows

So, these are some alternatives:

  • Snarl - is a Growl port. I don't know about a notification queue, but I do know that it supports a lot of programs. It has an API and custom skins.
    Here a selection of what is included 'in the box': http://snarl.fullphat.net/content/whats-included/.
  • notifu. Not as extensive as Snarl, but maybe all the better because of that. According to AlterniveTo it uses the same API as Windows to display notifications. So the notifications will look the same as the default windows one.
    Official website seems to be paralint.com/projects/notifu, but McAfee SiteAdvisor marks the website as unsafe. Look on the website at your own risk! (but you probably already have, looking at your answer)

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