I am searching everywhere for a better scrollspy plugin.

Why do I need better? The existing solutions are either unmaintained/buggy or not flexible enough to be used anywhere

Is there a jQuery scrollspy plugin out there that is actively maintained and is usable?

Some more specifics:

  • Bootstrap scrollspy requires #ids, to use their own classes and is very limited.

I just want a scrollspy that is not buggy (many are unmaintained). Basic requirements:

  • Bind an element to an event that when the element is visible, a callback would fire
  • when the element disappears another callback would fire
  • ability to use offset (like only appear on half the height)
  • handling resizing of the window (most plugins need to recalculate heights manually when there is a resize of the browser window)
  • and an important bind - won't force me to use anything special for page layout (no .nav, #id) and to be able to have several of those instances on screen/in a parent div

I realize this is not a hard plugin to create, I just don't have time to perfect it to a usable, production-ready state.

I searched for scrollspy, scrollpeak, scrollwatch, anchorific, tocify - most are unmaintained, and the last two are either too bloated with useless (for me) functionality or force me to use some special layout

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    Can you define is usable – Mr. Alien Apr 16 '14 at 8:00
  • Have you found anything good yet? – NoChance Jan 14 '19 at 14:23

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