I got an ARM-based Windows CE 5 device, and I tried to make apps for it.

But I had to install VS 2005 Professional.

Using VS 2005 Professional and Win CE SDK Standard will offer a full development environment (such as compiler, gui editing, etc.). Nothing else matters, but it's non-free. I want a freeware alternative.

I don't need all of these, but at least, I need:

  • C/C++ compiler (or C#, for target)
  • Standard library

What alternative can I try?


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Visual Studio 2015 has a community edition, which is free.

  • Will it work with CE 5? I tried installing SDK with VS 2015 Community installed, but it told me some error.(I don't remember them but it was about native and something else.) Jun 7, 2016 at 14:19

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