To solve a Poisson equation, I am currently using code which uses the Hypre library with MPI. I would like to know what else is out there, and if there is some accepted standard in the industry, i.e. what do most people use?

The library must be able to work for 2D and 3D cases, relatively easy to incorporate into an existing code and MPI compatible. It should work either with Fortran (preferred) or C++/C.


Rheolef is a programming environment that serves as a convenient laboratory for computations involving finite element methods. Rheolef is both a C++ library and a set of commands for unix shell programming, providing algorithms and data structures.

Among its features:

  • Massively distributed memory finite element environment, based on MPI
  • Poisson problems in dimension d=1,2,3

Maybe have a look at: https://freefem.org/

I used it to solve Poisson on 2D and 3D unstructured meshes using finite elements.

They had implemented some MPI some time back: https://doc.freefem.org/documentation/parallelization.html

The team that developed this solver is still active (researchers from JLL lab of University Paris VI).

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