I have a friend that is not the most techy of people. He is editing a homepage with about 100 pages - almost pure html.

So far he has been working in FrontPage

However, his old machine is dying and FrontPage does not go well with windows 10. So it is time to find the replacement.

Can you recommend:

  • a web-page-editor with a simple user interface
  • it should be a download and install program
  • it must still be active - many out there are discontinued
  • if possible with a Danish UI

It should preferably be freeware/opensoure
It should focus on wysiwyg - he does not code

He uses the build in 'FrontPage Server Extension' when putting his work online. So if possible the program should include a 'commit' / 'publish' button (build in ftp).


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I would recommend Pingendo. It's an easy to use WYSIWYG web page editor with an extremely simple interface. It's a program that you download and install yourself where you can use it offline. This program is still in active development currently working on Bootstrap 4.0 support.


Pingendo helps you authoring HTML5 and CSS3 web pages. Bootstrap editor.

  • Built for productivity - Create quality HTML prototypes quickly, using popular open source tools like Bootstrap, LESS, Fontawesome and more.
  • Design and code - Work visually and with sources simultaneously, with no need to export.
  • Developer friendly - Easily integrates into developers' toolsets (Git, text editors, etc.) & works with plain HTML and LESS files.
  • Vanilla - Generate only standard Bootstrap 3.3 HTML and LESS markup.

Pingendo UI

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