I wrote a file synchronization tool, and I want to check whether it crashes when some file/folder operations happen.


  • Create/move/rename/delete files and folders of various sizes
  • Keep doing that alone for days, at a high pace
  • All within a single designated folder (sub-folders are OK)
  • Never use more than 1 GB of disk space
  • Free
  • Bonus if all operations are logged (optional)

It can be a tool designed for this, or any tool that happens to fit these requirements.



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Filesystem Monkey does this.

  • File/folder creation/deletion/move, all within a folder, various sizes
  • Always about 10 files, 10 folders, 300 KB in total
  • Open source
  • Executes in the current folder by default, you can specify a target folder via command line

Filesystem monkey screencast

Disclaimer: Created by me because I could not find anything like this.

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