I need service where I could load my documents in the PDF format that there was an opportunity to deliver to permalink on each page.

For example, if my PDF document locates at the address example.com/mypdf, on page 4 it would be possible to follow the link example.com/mypdf#4, on page 14 — example.com/mypdf#14 and so on.

I tried Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, but on these services there is no possibility of permalink on pages.


  • Permalinks on any page of my documents,
  • Free 1 GB or more for my documents,
  • Unlimited period of storage of documents,
  • Opportunity to share the document for any Internet user.


  • Low load of RAM, that computers of users didn't hang when they opening PDF documents.

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GitHub solved my problem. GitHub meets all my needs.

1. Settings

For example, we open in browser page number 4 of my pdf file.

Page number 4

2. Hyperlinks to specific pages

To create a hyperlink to a specific page of the document, we need add to the end of URL of PDF document:


For example, #page=7 or #page=14.

3. First solution — Jupyter nbviewer

Insert URL to GitHub PDF document in input field — https://github.com/KristinitaTest/KristinitaTest.github.io/blob/master/pdf/SashaVKontakte.pdf for me, → add in end of URL number of desired page — #page=4 for me, → click Go! → will be opened page


4. Second solution — GitHub Pages

Create in GitHub repository $your_username.github.io, for example, if my account KristinitaTest, I can to create only KristinitaTest.github.io repository, not RandomName.github.io. For one account we may to create only one GitHub Pages repository, name of repository must be identical your GitHub account name.

After creating a repository download in repository your PDF file and open in address bar of your browser $your_username.github.io/$your_pdf_directory/$pdf_file_name.pdf#page=$number_of_page, for me correct link is:


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