I'm looking for a Neural Network library, which can be used commercial and ist accessible for c++.

It should contain the following:

  1. fast
  2. convolutional networks
  3. multiple learining algorithms(rprop...)
  4. c++ binding (I want to create c++ applications and use the network as a libary)

I spend the last week looking but I was not able to find one. Some of the things I had a look at:

  1. tensorflow (but 90% of the functions are only for python)
  2. fastnn (no convolutional networks)
  3. opennn (seems outdated, many erros while building vs2015)
  4. and many more(opencv ...)

I also had a quick look at eblearn, which seems to be quite restrictive, and convnet which might be slow and have some licence problems.

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If it is ok for you to use a Microsoft/.NET solution have a look at CNTK (Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit).


The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit - CNTK - is a unified deep-learning toolkit by Microsoft.


CNTK can be included as a library in your Python, C#, or C++ programs, or used as a standalone machine learning tool through its own model description language (BrainScript).


CNTK supports 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Windows operating systems.


If you're considering using GPU(s) for simulating your neural networks, you should consider nVIDIA's cuDNN.

They have a webinar regarding how to use it. Using CUDA is natively done in C++, and CUDA GPU kernel code per se is written in a large subset of C++11.


You should also take a look at Caffe


There is a Linux and Windows version.

The windows version I think is maintained my Microsoft. I used it projects in the past and it seemed to function perfectly for me.

The community is big and there is a decent amount of examples/info on it. It supports cuDNN so thats a plus as well.

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