I'm looking for a music player software for Windows where I can configure a delay between clicking on the playback button and the actual playback.

I need this for dance training at home, because I need a few seconds to move from my computer to the initial dance position.

The only "solution" I found until now is to embed the audio file in Powerpoint and configure a delay in the animations tab... but I have to do this with every file separately...

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I have written a VLC extension for you.


  1. If you do not have VLC Media player installed, Download and install it.
  2. Download the extension from here.
  3. Move the downloaded file to INSTALL_DIR\VLC\lua\extensions
  4. Open VLC Media player.
  5. If you have followed the above steps correctly then you should see extention as Delayer under the view menu.

enter image description here

  1. Open the media file that you wish to play. VLC will start playing the file automatically. Stop the playback.
  2. Open the extension by clicking on Delayer (1)
  3. Type the amount of delay that want in the text box. (2)

enter image description here

Clicking on Delayed start will start the playback after the time specified in the text box.

Play and Pause.. well play and pause the playback.

Note: This has been only tested on Windows. I am not sure how the plugin would behave in Linux. If you want me to change the plugin behavior in anyway please do comment.


If you need to have a delay of fixed length with almost any media player that supports playlist why not find, or record, an audio file with on click per second - I would suggest 5 or 10 seconds and add it, possibly more than once, to a playlist ahead of the item you wish to dance to.

You could also consider one with a few seconds pause - you probably need about the same time to move to your start position each time - and then 3 or 5 clicks or taps just before the end.

This ties in with the practice that many bands can be seen doing where the drummer will click his/her sticks together as a countdown to start.


You may want to look at the free replayer application from https://replayer.app

While it does not explicitly support a pause before a track, it allows to start at predefined positions repeatedly, and it features a "preplay" duration that lets the playing start some time before the requested position.

I am the author of said replayer.

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