I am searching for WordPress newsletter plugin which will be similar to MailChimp.

Ideally, this newsletter plugin should have such features:

  • easy import/export of subscribed users via csv files
  • group users by categories (for example WordPress, Web-Design etc; and possibility to send some newsletters to specific categories)
  • users can easily subscribe/unsubscribe via the website

Nice-to-have features:

  • statistics of subscribed/unsubscribed users
  • archive of previous newsletters
  • advanced search with various filters
  • cleaning of emails duplicates

Can you give some advice or point me in the right direction?

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I believe I've found a plugin that has all your ideal features called Email Subscribers. It's an open-source plugin that can be easily setup on your WordPress instance. It runs completely locally on your WordPress instance and does not communicate with a third party like MailChimp. It has an option that can import and export subscribed users via a .csv file. It also supports grouping users where you can upload/export users based on their group. It also includes a subscribe and unsubscribe feature too.

Email Subscribers (open source)

Email Subscribers is a fully featured newsletter plugin. It helps you achieve all your newsletter related tasks effectively in one single place.

Email Subscribers plugin has a separate page with the HTML editor. You can easily create HTML newsletters using this editor in around 5 minutes. You also have a separate page to select the include and exclude categories before sending each newsletter. You can quickly import/ export email addresses of registered users and commentators to the subscription list using the import-export option in the plugin.

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