I tried using stock camera app to record slow motion videos, but the app is not recording audio in slow motion mode. There is no audio at all, it's just mute.

I would like to record audio too while recording slow motion video. I know sound will be distorted but I would like to record distorted sound instead of no sound.

So which Android app can record audio in slow motion video recording?

The only thing required is 1080p 60FPS recording with audio.

It can either be free or paid, it does not matter. I have a OnePlus One using latest Cyanogen OS.

  • I would focus on video editing instead of recording with special features. It is much easier to edit a video than to apply filters while recording. This will you will be able to stretch the audio or add a different audio track as you please. – anarcat Oct 20 '17 at 12:07

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