Having a little children in a Skype conversation in a laptop is complicated: they either ignore the screen if it is too far away or start banging the keyboard if it is too close by.

I am looking for some software that can block the keyboard apart from a given key combination. This way, any banging on the keyboard won't resize screens, switch off the video or whatever else can randomly happen.

I have been looking for some software and I see there are some products, like Key Freeze and Kid Key Lock.

However, I wonder: is there anyone with experience using them?

I need:

  • Windows
  • To work with Skype

I prefer:

  • Free
  • How about inverting a plastic tray over the body of the laptop? May 18, 2016 at 18:34

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you could try

As far as I know, all of them are free.


So I have been using Key Freeze for some days now and I can write a review of it: overall it works, even though it is a bit picky.


  • It is gratis.
  • The installation is super simple.
  • It gives you 5 seconds in a countdown to do whatever actions you want before freezing the keyboard and mouse.
  • It gets started very easily:
    • you open it.
    • you run it.
  • Unblocking is also simple:
    • you press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then Esc.


  • In Skype, you lose the full screen mode. This means that before running Key Freeze you need to maximize the screen as much as you can.
  • Functions keys still work. This means that accidentally pressing the Flight mode makes you lose the connection.

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