I am aware of the zero-code debate between programming languages and BPM systems. My personal summary is: on the one hand, there will always be some amount of programming; on the other hand, non-programmers (in general, and no offence intended) often find difficult to structure business processes as algorithms, let alone to construct running programs.

However, I am somewhat at the middle of this debate: I am no longer in IT, but I manage far better than my fellow (mathematician) end users with my (modest) administrative tasks. Having worked in systems for many years, I can program some scripting (a few lines in PHP or java, say), although I neither like nor excel at programming. Also, I am not afraid of installing a Linux distro, administering packages, mysql, etc.

So, the question is: can you recommend a very light software package to manage processes, with minimum amount of programming? For instance, I am managing some paperwork with Trello, but it is not easy to integrate a small department (a couple of collaborators, say), automate some steps, send e-mails for pending tasks... I am thinking about giving a try to Processmaker, but it seems a bit gigantic for my needs. I do not need a strict adherence to BPM standards, either.


  • Open source, zero cost. Free in every sense.
  • Self-hosted. I have my own computer and domain in my institution.
  • Web-based, no program download. A casual user (a student, for example) could check their document on their mobile.

Any suggestion (or indication that I must abandon and look for a programmer) will be welcome.

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