I want to insert hyperlinks to local files (of form file:///path/to/file) into a Google Doc. But validation there do not allow it (it demands http/https URL scheme).

I understand that a local file reference most likely will be useless on other machines from where I could open the google doc and which don't have the local file. It's ok for my case.


I assume there may be a web application that would redirect a request to the corresponding local (to my machine) file. Is there such service?

Example: Ideally, I'd love to find a service, let's say its domain is tofile.com, so that it would redirect http://tofile.com/some/path to file:///some/path . This way I would insert http://tofile.com/some/path hyperlink into Google Doc, and when I click it, /some/path file from my machine will be opened in my browser.


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This does not exist because it is a major security risk. A Google doc in the cloud would suddenly be able to access a local file.

Browsers just won't allow it; a link in your browser cannot reach out to a local file.

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