I'm looking for software/web tools that can download all the photos on a web page, and particularly ones that work well with Facebook and Instagram (Twitter is a plus, too - if you can point me to something that offers a gallery view of @someone's Twitter photos, even better).

I've seen plenty of tools that let you download all your photos. I've also seen a ton of browser extensions that don't work well or at all, and tried a few bookmarklets. (I'd provide a list of tools I've tried if I could remember all of the names.) An acceptable solution:

  • Can be triggered from the web browser (or another tool if logged in.).
  • Downloads all photos on the page, but lets you pick ones you don't want.
  • Can obtain images weather they use img HTML tags directly, or embed the picture as a background on a div or other element.
  • Lets you choose the download directory (zip or individual is acceptable).
  • Doesn't have a very messy user interface.

(The more you can match, the better.)
Acceptable OS is Windows 10 or Ubuntu.

Edit: I'm going to start adding a list of things that DON'T work, or don't work well enough. So that people know I've ruled them out.


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Download FB Album Mod seems to work. Must have missed this one last time I went hunting for this kind of software.

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