I'm interested in an app that allows users to monitor webpages for the existence of user-specified keywords, and get notified when these keywords are detected. I was originally using VisualPing (to check when Amazon listings went live, for example), but I find myself needing a little more specificity when it comes to checking WHAT is changing. Are there any apps that can do this? I'd prefer something like a Chrome extension or something that can send me an email/text message whenever the first time the keyword is detected (in context). I'm okay with false positives/repeated reports, as I can always just check the site manually myself as well. I can provide a sample use case, if that would help, as well:

site: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/new/

keywords: "pbt", "spacebar", "pbt spacebar"

Notify on refresh if any of the above is detected. Notice that the webpage updates often, so I can't rely on something like VisualPing, which detects if a space undergoes changes.


  • Could you detail why VisualPing does not satisfy you? Describe exactly the features you need. In "detects if a space undergoes changes" what do you mean by "space"?
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Commented May 10, 2016 at 1:39
  • It's not granular enough; I can't specify how I want it to change. For example, with Amazon, it's easy to draw a box around the area where it says "Currently unavailable" because if that space changes there's a good chance the item will be available again. But for a page that's constantly changing, I'd like more control over HOW it changes, e.g. what keyword shows up upon refresh, so that I'm not spammed with notifications. Commented May 14, 2016 at 3:46

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Suggest you use the Regex function of PageMonitor Chrome extension.

enter image description here

Disclaimer: My company makes both Visualping and PageMonitor.

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