I am Windows user. I have about 300 .mp4 video from my XIaomi YI action camera. A duration of each file is about 2-50 seconds. I need to merge them into 1-3 file(s).

I have tried about 12 video joiner program wich I have found on Google Search. Each of them have on of the following issues: - a virus - an intallation problem - crash of performing for multiple (>80) files.

I tried to reduce the number of files in the same package up to 80, it was unsuccessful.

Do you have experience to handle such a large number of small files? Which the program could you propose?

Thank you.++

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VLC media player can convert and merge video files.


  1. Select File > Open Muliple Files

enter image description here

  1. Add the required files by clicking the add button

enter image description here

  1. From the dropdown menu below choose convert. enter image description here

  2. Select the output format. Add a destination file name and click start

enter image description here

  • I don't see how this works, as of now vlc 3.0.8 the input field for "Destination file" is locked if you have multiple files selected... Commented Sep 27, 2019 at 12:44

You can do this task by using any-video-converter

enter image description here

The program is pretty straight forward and you don't need any special tutorial for merging videos.If you face any difficulties, take a look at This video that explains how to merge videos.

I used this free program for many years, it is gratis, virus free and has many nice features that you cannot find in paid softwares.


Normally I would use ffmpeg for this sort of thing, and many of the tools that you have tried may well do so behind your back, but with 300+ files you are likely to hit the command line buffer size problems, especially on windows.

To get around this, as explained here, you can list all of your files in a text file in the format:

# This is a comment
file '/path/to/file1'
file '/path/to/file2'
file '/path/to/file3'

Then invoke ffmpeg from the command line:

ffmpeg -f concat -i mylist.txt -c copy output.mp4

I would also suggest taking a look at MoviePy - there are a few dependencies to sort out but it should let you take a list, (in the order that you specify), of files and concatenate them.

Both ffmpeg and MoviePy are: - Free - Open Source - Cross platform, including windows - Virus & ad-ware free


I needed to have recorded video files from my YI CCTV installed home, but I faced all the files are fragmented and not easy to pick/merge the necessary files. I tried to find solutions on internet, but I haven't found good solution yet. I just developed a simple application can merge(concatenate) files based on the aligned time, and save that merged files to the target directory.

You can do that easily by "Yi Home Clip Merger"


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